SafeNet RMD - Controlling automatic SDL systems


SafeNet - RMD is a vendor-independent platform for the control of 24h SDL systems and safe installations.
Together with our partners we have


also developed all the mechanical and electronic components for almost every SDL system, built in Germany over the last 25 years. Therefore we are able to modernize, upgrade and repair your SDL system with spare parts that are available for many years.

Safenet - Mietfach- Schliessfach-Software
PicApports Photo Server is slim and very fast

Operating Systems:

  • Windows XP

  • Windows Vista

  • Windows 7

  • Windows 8

  • Linux

PicApports Photo Server is licensed under Creative Commons

Possible types of systems:

  • DM5 (Rosengrens)

  • Tresormat Compact (Bode)

  • Tresormat 2 (Bode)

  • Tresormat 3 (Bode) bzw. ASA3T (Leicher/Gunnebo)

  • AVM Compact (Garny)

  • AVM 1 (Garny)

  • AVM2 (Garny)

  • AVM3 (Garny/Gunnebo)

  • ASA1 (Leicher)

  • ASA2 (Leicher)

  • ASA3 (Leicher)

  • ASA4 (Leicher/Gunnebo)

Together with our highly specialized service partners we will find an individual solution for almost every situation.

As a component of the SafeNet platform, SafeNet - RMD is of course OPDV certified

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