What is ccTwain4Java ?

ccTwain4Java is a Java library that enables you to address TWAIN compatible devices over your Java application. With the aid of the ccTwain4Java library you can integrate and address every TWAIN compatible device in the future without having to invest any major programming expenditure into the application. The TWAIN drivers that are provided by the device producer usually suffice for integrating the device.


When integrating your ccTwain4Java library into your application you have got the possibility to either resort to the familiar dialogues of TWAIN or to implement them on your own.

On all accounts the ccTwain4Java library provides you with the functionality that has been defined in the TWAIN Specification 1.9.

ccTwain4Java - interface
ccTwain4Java - interface


  • Windows 2000/XP

  • Java runtime starting from version 1.4

  • Java Advanced Imaging 1.1.2 optional package

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