SafeBot /Extend - automatic safe deposit storage system

Space saving extension of existing safe deposit systems with new lockers as well as self service functionality


Many existing safe deposit systems have already reached their capacity limits. In SafeBot /Extend we have developed a system to be able to offer an inexpensive alternative to a new automatic safe deposit system in vaults with little free space.

SafeBot /Extend offers a multiplicity of additional rental lockers in the self service business. Depending on the existing space on offer it is possible to fundamentally raise the number of accessible bank safe deposit boxes.

SafeBot /Extend is based on the approved technique of the SafeBot /24 robot system. SafeBot /24

SafeBot /Extend - automatic safe deposit storage system
SafeBot /Extend - alarm secured dispense terminal

Self service dispense terminal

SafeBot /Extend enables your clients to have access to the content of their safe deposit boxes without needing further personnel of the branch to be present.

Through various scopes for design the dispense terminals comply seamlessly to your present branch.

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