SafeNet 11 - Modern safe deposit system management
The overall software for modern safe deposit system management


Complete administration and settlement for your safe deposit system including clientele data, compilation of SEPA files and form printout.

Thanks to full network-compatibility it doesn't matter which workplace you administrate your safe deposit system from.


Complete control of safe deposit systems or 24/7 safe deposit systems including access control.

Whether it's magnetic cards, key tableaus or biometrics, whether locker clearance through a customer consultant or full self service support. SafeNet 11 can control your safe deposit system.


Keep an auditing acceptable eye on your safe deposit systems and their incidents.

Extensive research functions and active reporting when incidents occur (e.g. by E-mail) enable the full perspective "when things get difficult".


SafeNet 11 is a software solution for safe deposit systems that system and platform independently take over all control, administration and data management of a bank safe deposit system.

SafeNet 11 is so safe and flexible that it can be adapted to the most differential branch situations. Every workplace in the bank's network is able to access the data of the linked safe deposit system and also 24/7 locker systems.

This facilitates both tenancies and researches and enables the person in charge to determine right away if and where a free safe deposit box is available.

The modern browser based desktop doesn't even need a program installation on the particular PC in order to function.

Safenet - Safe deposit box - rental locker software

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Active Reporting

Extensive research, reporting and export functions (e.g. Excel or PDF) facilitate the regulation and settlement of all relevant data. Furthermore automated E-mails can be sent for freely definable incidents or programs can be started.

Full network-compatibility

SafeNet 11 reveals its full potency in heterogeneous networks. All components, whether server, desktop or tax unit, are fully network-compatible and platform independent.

Browser based desktop

SafeNet 11 offers an easy desktop based on assistant technology by means of web browsers which each get by without special plugins and therefore don't need any client sided software distribution.

Managing safe deposit boxes

Care for your clientele and locker tenancies, including client specific form printouts, for hiring contracts or authorisations. Furthermore SafeNet 11 disposes flexible settlement functions including the compilation of SEPA files. Optionally connect SafeNet 11 to your existing administration software (e.g. OSPlus) and that way avoid double care of customer data. We would be happy to advise you hereunto in a personal conversation.

Controlling safe deposit boxes and their access

Whether with locker enabling through a customer consultant or fully automatic self service access - SafeNet 11 controls you safe deposit systems reliably and communicates with magnetic card readers, key tableaus and biometric devices. Especially in the field of always accessible safe deposit systems (24/7 facilities) and their modernisation we dispose extensive experience and therefore can instantiate your individual requirements.

Free choice of system software

SafeNet 11 is implemented in Java to 100% and can thus be carried by different platforms, even in mixed operations.

An easy installation by copying the program register without dependences facilitates the data backup and a possible migration onto new hardware.

Flexible device management

Connect video cameras, cash deposit systems or other devices in your environment to SafeNet and control or supervise them on a uniform desktop, together with your safe deposit systems.

Various certificates

SafeNet has been tested and certified by various certification centres. Ask us for the certificates required by you, we'd be glad to assist you.


Connect SafeNet 11 to your existing systems. Simplify your processes and avoid additional expenses and the connected error rate through double data care. Please ask our support team for a link to your system (OSPlus, Bank21, DataWarehouse).

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SafeNet certificates

SafeNet 11 supervises, controls and administrates your safe deposit system stably and safely - confirmed by Atruvia und SIZ (OPDV)!

Latest SafeNet version

11 - For more information, contact your distributor or write to us via the contact form.

Operation systems

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server, Linux, Mac OS X, macOS

SafeNet Flyer

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