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24/7 Self service safe deposit systems

SafeBot - our system for automatic safe deposit boxes, no matter if upgrading or new. From the planning and implementation up to the administration software and service for repair and maintenance - we offer everything from a single source.

SafeBot /24 - Self service safe deposit system

Administration software for safe deposit boxes

SafeNet 11 - the new generation of safe deposit administration by Contecon. Benefit from the market leader and improve administration, control system and integration at your site.

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Software for web, automation and security

Our software developers and web designers will gladly help you with your next project. For more than 15 years Contecon has been developing platform independent, web based network applications. Get in touch with us, we'd love to develop a solution for you.

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Manufacturer of automated self-service SDLs Contecon

Since 2001 we have been offering services for SDL systems in banks. These include: modernisation, maintenance and repair of electronics and mechanics, as well as the development, support and installation of the SafeNet 11 administration software. With the launch of our SafeBot /24 SDL system for banks in 2015 we have also become manufacturers of self-service SDL systems.

As a manufacturer Contecon can now offer SDL systems from planning to commissioning and maintenance.

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Manufacturer of self-service SDL systems in banks - Contecon Software GmbH

SafeBot /24
24-hour safe deposit system

Protection of value is in greater demand than ever before. Beside risen security requirements the clients' standards have also grown.

For clients it is most important to have a 24/7 access to their safe deposit box.

With SafeBot /24 we've developed a concerted complete system which fulfils all requirements of a modern 24/7 Self service safe deposit system.

 SafeBot /24 - 24-hour safe deposit system

 SafeBot /24 - Flyer

SafeBot /24 - 24-hour safe deposit system

SafeBot /Refurbishment kits
for safe deposit boxes

Personal safe deposit boxes have been popular for decades. But to be able to offer your clients the maximum of security and an up to date access, they need to be renewed and refurbished.

Refurbishing - Modernising - Renewing

 SafeBot /Refurbishment kits - modernising safe deposit boxes

 SafeBot /Refurbishment kits - Flyer

SafeBot /Refurbishment kits - Carriage in an automatic safe deposit system

SafeNet 11
Safe deposit administration software

It has never been this easy to control and administrate your safe deposit system. Lots of new features await you in version 11. But see for yourself:

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 Easy-Mode - Quick Guide

 SafeNet - Flyer

 SafeNet 11 - Online-Demo

SafeNet 11 - New version of our safe deposit administration software

24h SDL systems
including service

Additionally to the software we have also developed all mechanical and electronic components to modernise and maintain nearly every safe deposit system built in Germany in the last 25 years with up to date spare parts that will be available for years to come.

We can also refurbish your current safe deposit system to a 24/7 safe deposit system.

 Modernising to 24/7 safe deposit systems

We also refurbish your safe deposit system to an automatic one!

SafeNet approved by OPDV

SafeNet, our software for administrating and controlling rental locker systems and safe deposit boxes was approved by the Computer Science Centre of the Sparkassen Organisation.

SafeNet SDL system software by OPDV certified

SafeNet knows SEPA

IBAN, BIC and Mandate reference number - no foreign words for SafeNet!

SafeNet 11 disposes of migration scripts for the completion of the IBAN and BIC fields of all people listed in the database.
Safe deposit administration with SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) settlement

SafeNet 11 can settle safe deposit boxes using SEPA

Java processes as Windows services

With ccWinService Java processes can easily be described and configurated as Windows services using an XML file. Modifications in the Windows registry are not needed when distributing services.

ccWinService - Arranging Java processes as Windows services

PicApport Local Photo Collections

In the newest version of PicApport it is now possible to save photos of 'dynamic photo prompts' for example as a local collection on all devices that are connected to the network. The new technology called IndexedDB enables nearly all browsers to save 'local collections' and also to view, search through them etc. without a connection to the server.

You can try it out in our Online demo. Either you can define your own prompt, e.g. "Flowers *** > 2010" and, after sending the request, choose the field "save photos locally" in the top right of the menu - after entering a name for the collection this name chosen by you will appear with a preview picture on the home page in the menu field "local collections". Or you can simply add an already saved 'dynamic prompt' to the local collections by choosing it in the right-aligned menu.

Photo Server - viewing photos in the network without copying them in the browser first