Who we are

The Contecon Software GmbH was founded in 2001. At the head office in Worms, Contecon employs more than 15 colleagues in the meantime, who are mainly engaged with software developing and web design. In 2005 we extended the development capacities with a further development team in Hamburg, Germany. Thereby we created the basis for the 2015 introduced 24/7 SDL system SafeBot /24.

What we do

Our goal during the foundation of the enterprise was to develop software products in the self-service automation field for banks and security companies. At this point Contecon consequently counts on the cooperative collaboration with well-established providers of security and vault systems in the market.

With over 2000 Europe-wide installations SafeNet 11 is so far the most successful product of the software house. SafeNet 11 stands for a software solution based on Java, that takes over the whole navigational and data management of self-service safe deposit lockers in the bank, independent of system and platform. Automated safe deposit systems, rental locker systems, deposit and payment systems as well as access electronics are included in this. SafeNet 11 is in use at numerous renowned money institutes, translated into different languages.

The marketing of SafeNet 11 is carried out through a Europe-wide network of  partners, but also in direct contact with the end customers.

Manufacturer of automated self-service SDLs

Since the market launch of the SafeBot /24 Contecon has been a supplier and manufacturer of self-service SDL systems:

Today we offer banks a fully coordinated system which we accompany from the planning - implementation - software installation and training of the bank staff up to the supervision of the software and hardware. Contecon is able to build almost every deposit locker product required by the market with their own components and can also ensure the supply of spare parts for many years.

Self-service SDL modernisation with SafeBot /Refurbishment kits:

In addition to newly planned projects we are also able to provide modernisation service for all self-service SDLs, built in Germany during the past 25 years. With our own service team we can install and maintain our SafeBot SDLs all over Germany.

We are committed

With over 20,000 downloads, PicApport our photo server with photo gallery, which is free for private users, is a serious alternative for hosting photos yourself without having to upload them to Cloud services. A user interface optimized for smart phones and tablets shows the potential of our cross-application software modules.