SafeBot /24 - 24-hour self service safe deposit system

The new generation of automated 24/7 self-service safe deposit lockers, directly from the manufacturer


With the SafeBot /24 self service safe deposit systems from Contecon you receive a complete system for your bank.

Starting with the planning and installation of the vault and the self service safe deposit system - to the configuration and installation of the management software SafeNet 11 - all the way to the assistance through our telephonic support and our service and maintenance and repair - You have always got a contact person.

The automated self service safe deposit lockers for banks SafeBot /24 offers your clients access to the content of their rental lockers - all around the clock. The system is composed of the following concerted modules:

Strong room

For maximum security in the bank we plan and draft your vault individually - depending on the branch situation and security requirements.

The modular construction offers you maximum protection and flexibility at the same time. The prefabricated strong room walls can be mounted quickly and transported without much effort.

SafeBot 24 - Strong room in modular construction
SafeBot 24 - close-up view strong room in modular construction

Storage system and safe deposit boxes

The storage system disposes unique qualities. In combination with our safe deposit robot it is now possible to store rental lockers behind one another.

With this quality the vault can be used efficiently and space saving. The raster for the safe deposit box height can be indexed exactly for your requirements and also be changed later on.

The safe deposit boxes are available in different heights (inside dimension): 50, 110, 170 and 230 mm | width 240 mm | depth 360 mm. Their maximum lifting force represents 25 kg (larger weights on request). The cassettes are made of steel.

Simplified key management

The keys are attached to untenanted lockers for an easier and safer management.

SafeBot 24 - Carriage in an automatic safe deposit system

Dispense terminal

The alarm secured dispense terminal can be arranged as an at-grade dispensing unit on the same level as the vault or as a tower dispensing unit on a discretionary level above the vault. For larger installations SafeBot /24 offers the possibility to supply more than one dispensing unit from one strong room. The design of the SafeBot dispense terminal can be adapted flexibly and therefore complies seamlessly to your present colour layout in your branch.

Access terminal

By default SafeBot /24 is always equipped with SafeBot /Access terminals.

SafeBot /Access
SafeBot 24 - alarm secured dispense terminal
SafeBot 24 - access terminal with touchdisplay

Safe deposit robots

Our safe deposit system regulation has already been in action in automatic self service safe deposit systems since 2010.

The SafeBot /24 safe deposit robot has been developed to fulfil all requirements of a modern safe deposit robot. Goals for the construction were: increased security, efficiency, speed, high reliability, major maintenance cycles as well as low priced spare parts that are available on a long-term basis.

At-grade dispensing unit and tower dispensing unit

While safe deposit boxes can only be dispensed on the same floor as the strong room with an at-grade dispensing unit, the tower dispensing unit facilitates bringing the lockers to any level of the building. That way the vault can be constructed in the cellar and there is enough space left in the client area.

SafeBot 24 - automatic 24-hour safe deposit robot


  • Complete self service safe deposit system

    You receive a complete self service safe deposit system all from a single source!

  • SafeNet 11 Software

    The management software SafeNet 11 constantly gets developed further and maintained by us. This includes updates, server relocating, connecting to computing centres, etc. The uniform software for all SafeBot systems enables higher quality and faster teaching phases for your personnel.

  • Hardware maintenance

    All mechanical and electronic parts are maintained by our service team.

  • Power units and regulations

    Through the utilisation of uniform power units and regulations in the different SafeBot systems the number of needed types of spare parts can be kept low.

  • Spare parts guarantee

    We guarantee spare parts for 10 years.

  • Software

    The uniform software for all SafeBot systems enables higher quality and faster teaching phases.


  • Several dispense terminals

    Dispense terminals can be arranged at-grade or on several floors.

  • Individual design

    Your dispense terminals and the desktops can be optically adapted individually for your branch.

  • Connection to computing centres

    The management software SafeNet 11 can be tethered to computing centres (e.g. OSPlus).

  • Maintenance agreements

    Arrange yourself a maintenance concept that matches your branch situation from our maintenance modules.

  • Full service

    Full cost control through maintenance agreements with full service assistance.

Further included components

Management Software

SafeNet 11 has been administrating safe deposit boxes of all kinds for more than 10 years - Europe-wide.

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Service and maintenance

Our service technicians who are en route for you all over Europe will take over the maintenance as well as all repairs around the safe deposit system.

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Our competent telephone support team will support you with all questions concerning safe deposit systems and the management software SafeNet 11.

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