SafeBot /Detect - supervising mechanical safe deposit systems

Innovative supervision technique for maximum security


Up to now the supervision of mechanical safe deposit systems has only been viable with great expenditure.

Through subtle use of industrial lasers we have worked out a system for auditing acceptable supervision of mechanical safe deposit systems that can be easily mounted as well as integrated optically inconspicuous. In doing so the lasers work reliably and nearly maintenance free.

SafeBot /Detect - mechanical deposit locker revision-safe monitoring
SafeBot /Detect - Installation in an 8-h deposit locker system


The lasers for supervision are mounted on top of the safe deposit blocks without direct contact with the safe deposit boxes.

This enables an installation without having to open the rental lockers.


The supervision recognises any manipulation and minutes these without gaps. Occasions as "locker opened - locker closed - alarms, etc" are archived in the database of the SafeNet 11 Servers and can be researched at any time by the revision or the person in charge.

The supervision and regulation is taken over by the usual SafeNet 11 administration software. What is more, SafeNet 11 enables you to receive configurable notifications about the minuted events by E-mail and start of program. The utilised industrial lasers offer precise measurements for years to come and work without batteries.

SafeBot /Detect - Industrial lasers for monitoring


The maintenance intervals are reduced to a minimum through the employed industrial quality of the components. A battery change is omitted.

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 SafeBot /Detect - Flyer

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