SafeBot /R - Banking automation newly interpreted

The autonomous robot SafeBot /R relieves your colleagues from the routine task of locking the bank. Modernise your vault system without having to refurbish the strong room or the safe deposit blocks.


Our autonomous robot SafeBot /R offers you and your clients higher security and convenience. With this new technical development you will set yourself apart from your competitors and save personnel costs.

SafeBot /R is an independently moving safe deposit box robot that can take over the bank closure in a mechanical safe deposit system. It has been developed together with our partners to be able to lower business costs in bank branches and to simultaneously raise the security.

SafeBot /R - the autonomous robot
SafeBot /R - independently moving safe deposit box robot

Performance features

  • Realisation of the bank closure

  • Examination if a safe deposit box has been opened

  • Independent loading at the charging station

Security features

  • Bank key is always secured and controlled by the robot

  • Examination if a safe deposit box has been opened

  • Recognises objects on its route and avoids them automatically

  • When touching an item the robot is automatically stopped

SafeBot /R - bank closure
SafeBot /R - safe deposit box robot

Potential savings

  • Personnel costs

  • Fast installation time

  • Minimum maintenance necessary

Benefits for your bank

  • Compensation of continuous personnel costs

  • Increase in security

  • Short installation time (1 day)

  • Seamless integration in our safe deposit administration system SafeNet 11

  • Supports you with the implementation of the accident prevention regulation BGV C9 UVV cashpoints (German agency for health and consumer protection)

Benefits for your clients

  • Shortened waiting times

  • High security and service feeling

  • Depot surface for the safe deposit box right next to the rental locker

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