24-hour safe deposit locker security concept

The future of automated safe deposit systems is secured - with SafeBot

The safety concept of the SafeBot system is based on:

The physical security, secure access control and IT security. An important component of this concept is also the continuous quality controls and the certifications by recognized and independent test institutes. These include the VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH, the Fiducia & GAD IT AG and the SIZ GmbH.

Physical security

The VdS system certification refers to the physical components:

  • Vault
    The vault and the vault door are secured with structure-borne sound detectors. These can easily be integrated into an existing alarm system.

  • Dispense terminal
    The SafeBot / Dispense is equipped with special alarm glass and can also be integrated into the existing alarm system.

  • Dispensing room
    The SafeBot dispensing room and the door are monitored using signal contacts. When leaving the room, a forced deposit is initiated if necessary.

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SafeBot /24 - Vault in modular construction
SafeBot /24 - close-up view of vault in modular construction

Secure access control

The SafeBot /Access access terminal is protected against physical manipulation by sabotage contacts. The sabotage alarm can be managed by the alarm system.

The following card types are compatible with the access terminal:

Authentication according to the 2-factor principle takes place via PIN input and optionally using:

SafeBot /Access
SafeBot 24 - dispnesing terminal
SafeBot 24 - Access terminal with touch display

IT security

The security of our IT components is ensured by the use of solid hardware according to industry standards, modern encryption algorithms as well as certifications of recognized test institutes.

System PC and controlling computer:


Compliance and certificates:

SafeBot /24 - automated safe deposit locker - dispensing unit

Further included components

Management Software

SafeNet 10 has been administrating safe deposit boxes of all kinds for more than 10 years - Europe-wide.

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Service and maintenance

Our service technicians who are en route for you all over Europe will handle the maintenance as well as all repairs around the safe deposit system.

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Our competent telephone help team will support you with all questions concerning safe deposit systems and the management software SafeNet 10.

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