SafeBot /Access - Access terminals for self service safe deposit systems


The SafeBot /Access access terminal fulfils all safety regulations and grants the clients access to their safe deposit boxes using an easily operable touch display in a self service business.

Access cards

The following card types are compatible with the access terminal:

Sabotage protection

The built-in sabotage protection prevents the device from external influences. A sabotage alarm is triggered when the case is opened. Integration into the existing burglar alarm system can be carried out by the security system installer.

SafeBot /Access - dispense terminal
SafeBot /Access - wall mount and table mount

2 factor authentication

Authentication based on the 2-factor principle is achieved by PIN entry and optionally by:

SafeBot 24 - Ausgabeterminal
SafeBot 24 - Zugangsterminal mit Touchdisplay

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